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    This is a stop-motion animation I did to unveil the new logo design for a local company. The company is in the promotional products business. One of the many products they sell are these pens that are bendable characters known as the Zing Line. They are 'Gumby-like' rubber figures.

The marketing director called me to say that the owner of the company wanted to do something extra special for the 2012 logo unveiling. She asked me if I would take a crack at coming up with something. They started selling these bend-a-pen characters, and I thought it would be cool to use them in some kind of animated promotional piece, so I suggested it. The owner liked the idea and I got the green light.

It couldn't be much more than 1 minute long, and it had to act as a selling tool for the pen/figures as well as introducing a new logo. After 3 days of shooting one frame at a time, at a frame rate of 12 per second, I came up with what you can see here.